Non-Powered Coast Boating Opportunity This Weekend


If you want an excuse to do some rowing or paddling at the Coast there's a swimming non-event at Eel Lake that could use some safety escorts. Ralph Mohr wrote:

"This weekend, Aug. 8-9, was supposed to be the Eel Lake open water swims, which, of course, have been cancelled. However, a few masters swimmers from various parts of the state, Portland, Corvallis, Bend, are coming to Eel Lake anyway. There will two semi-formal swims, Saturday and Sunday, 9 AM, starting from our usual spot to the north of the boat ramp. We will keep our distance in and out of the water, but we will start as a group. Kayakers and paddle boarders as safety escorts are welcome, too. Come and join us.


"P.S. Water temp the last time I measured it at Eel was 71.9 F."

Eel Lake is north of Tenmile Lakes, between Reedsport and North Bend:

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