More & better wiring !!


I rebuilt the somewhat different wiring from the car to the boat wiring.  That is a replacable "harness" made removable so the trailer has zero lighting parts that ever enter any water.. ALL Wiring is inside the hull except the connector., so are the lights.  This way no wiring gets corroded, contacts salt water ramp rusted,  but occasionally a plug corrodes, or a wire will wear out.  So, back in action for next week.  Think I will go to Fern Ridge and check the depth stuff out  if the gods are kind.  I'll report later on the set up after I see what happens.  THat sapphire lens cover was a bust, still reflected the LED's  too much.  So, once checked on a hand held stick, it will HAVE to be a through hull install, and I hoped to have th sensor more waterproof but removable.

Having the sensor camers centeed under the hull, and close enough forward to see the shore, rock, or log straight ahead is the goal.  If I can't get enough range it's useless except as a toy, not doing that, --- Nightall Coots  ---------  Cal