The other night Earl took me and Bob L out into the middle of Fern Ridge to see the NEOWISE comet. It's very faint, but Big. If you look at it through even small binoculars you can really get a good look at it. Pretty neat! :o) Worth the trouble of finding someplace where it's dark and there's little light pollution in the northwest. Last night I found a dark spot along a road out by Alvadore (still haven't got Tuffy's nav lights working) and looked at the comet through my halfway decent 7x50 binoculars and it was really impressive. :o)

Wait until about an hour after sunset, about 10:45, for the sky to get dark. Look low in the NW sky for a faint smear pointing up and to the right. Take a look at it through your binoculars. The comet is the kind of celestial wonder that you can enjoy very well without having an expensive telescope.

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