CNC Machines


Probably not accessable by me, but the cnc machines are nused by some sheet metal shops to cut the duck panels, then equally big folders for the crimp lips.  I have seen some maybe 6 ft. or so wide, by maybe 16 feet long where my wife works as bookeeper.  Very cool setups, roller tables, moving cutters from a set of paper plans fed into the control box.  Works with other materials I think for wood supportn structures matching the duct work.  There are also a couplencommercial mplaces on "OL 99" out my way that do metal art pieces, could probably do boat stuff if the tables are big enough.  That would be cool to have friendly access to one for a matching run of small boats. 

The Sabot or el Toro classes comes to mind, or some small sail boats like Myles Swifts fast sailer, another Bolger design I think.  The kayaks I built were flat monocoques, easy to fold once cut out, could build three at a time in a garage.   Some interested, and younger coot  might want to investigate other designs, cut a stack at one time, and build faster by a bunch.  A motivated builder could make some nice boats for sale, different designs than Toledo does.  Probably are some who do just that, ==  worth looking at in any case.

The non building Coot,     Cal