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The new charger has two sets of leads? To charge two separate 12 volt batteries? That complicates things. <sigh> A 24 volt charger would have been nice. Is the manual for the charger available online? Often they are. If we can look at it we'll be better equipped to dive you our opinions.

When charging you can rewire the two 12 volt batteries in each bank together in parallel. Then each bank will look like a single 12 volt battery to the charger, and you'll be able to charge both banks at once. But there are hazards to hooking batteries up in parallel. Bob L knows a lot more about that stuff than I do. As does Myles T.

On 1/18/2018 8:51 PM, Cal wrote:
I have the charger for Surprise, they refer to single batteries as BANKS.  So, no I can not hook the two deep cycles as a larger 12 volt single.  They also say not to use the charger on more than one battery per hook up, so no pack bridged hook up either.  Then thy say they meant each battery is to be 12 volt, so again I can't just hook up two and get the 24 volts I use.  I need the two packs of two 12 volt batts. to work.
The only simple way I see is four sets of two plugs one pair for each battery, manual switched.  I can plug in the left or right packs as needed, but that's a lot of plugging stuff.  Nope, no returns, I bought this from a e-Bay source who has no idea on this, and its a $175. fancy solid state charger.
I'll call the factory, but the answer will be to just buy another charger, and I'm running out of room, as well as spare cash.  I will look for some pair of plugs that will charge two batts. from a combo plug with 4 connections.  Manually plug between pack 1 and 2 -- maybe??  Any ideas out there, or am I not stating this clearly in the first place??  Meanwhile i'm looking for something to try out.
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After a good nights nap, I got the solution.  I just ordered a bunch of two pronged 20 mm marine panel  plug in sets, and covers.  Enough for all 4 batteries, the extra removable accessory battery -- and some spare sets just in case.  20 mm is a bit bigger plugs and better threading grip when cold or wet.

I thought a 4 prong plug would do at first, but accessing each battery in case of need sounded like a good idea, for the extra 2 plugs involved.  The charger is only for the boat, no clips or clamps need be on it.  Not leaving that expensive charger for storage either, even if there was room for it.

From China takes weeks, so using the two prong trailer plugs will do till it's set up later,  Maybe this will give others some accessory plug ideas -- it is the same plug as for mast or spreader lights, lots of sources.

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Yep, John!  The "inside the box" says clearly, use on one battery only, shite !!  of course that has 3 leads, so one pair ( 2 ) of leads plug into pack A .  The left over one (1) goes to the much smaller and what I call the Balance battery, so the trim is correct, that will need a longer lead to adjust battery trim wherever.

So, just a matter of changing the two main plugs from pack A to pack B after filling back up.  Not exactly a problem, since one pack gets so much time using those big batteries.  Once both A and B packs are topped off I just clip on the long term trickle chargers till next outing.  Each trip I make sure I start with the opposite pack so both get even use and recharge cycles.  Trolling 12 volt other is just left as a separate plug, different color etc., as that  one plug is designated as "primary plug" closest to the power cord, 

I was wondering if the RV twin battery charging splitter would do that job??  If I got one for a cars two battery set up, it would seem to do the job of charging - one at a time -  of a 2 battery bank ??  Think I will do a bit of looking around on that right now.

later,   Cal


The factory says definitely not, do not connect any more than one battery to a single lead.  it will destroy the sensing electronics.  Not too happy about the large size batteries I have now.  Advised to go to the (commercial size and big bucks )  fishing boat sized ones for those batteries.

Oh, well maybe I will just continue as I re-planned, two jacks is not a big deal overall.

Later,   Cal