Jim's Shellback Dinghy


The other day a bunch of us helped Jim C turn his Shellback dinghy over:


Looks like it's gonna be a nice boat! Jim is gonna finish it off without the sailing rig, as a rowboat with an auxiliary electric trolling motor.

John (jkohnen@boat-links.com)
If a man is to be obsessed by something, I suppose a boat is as good as anything, perhaps a bit better than most. (E. B. White)

David Graybeal



Thanks for the help from everyone. Great day. My pictures were blurry, don't know what happened. Guess I need to read the instructions that came with the camera. Yours look good as usual John, thank you.

Jim Cooper


But, Jim!


How can you get any work done in that shop, with all the tools coiled up in individual bins, and all those clamps neatly in rows?  I can even see what color your bench top is.  How do you find time to build such a beautiful boat, when you must be sweeping and dusting, constantly?





The Frankenwerke,  Almostcanada




I cleaned the shop up for the boat turning Coot crew. They deserve a clean place with no dust on their cookies. What happened to Miss Kathleen? Looks like someone lost control of a chain saw!


Cookies?  You guys got cookies?   Once a week the jailer comes by and lets US out for a bath.  That is, if we don’t already drink the water, with the bread we get, tossed under the door.  At least, I think it’s water.  Cookies, huh?


That wasn’t no chainsaw outa’ control.  Worse.  A Sawzall, fully in control.  A truly awful day.  I guess that was about two months ago.   The new cabin is more or less put together.  A couple feet longer, with a plywood top.   We’re getting close to being ready for a break to freedom—the boat, that is.  As far as the workforce, here; we can petition for clemency on alternate Christmases.   But, if I asked for a cookie, I’d probably get tossed in the tank.  Between shifts.  Wow.  You guys get cookies.