[MessaboutW] Race to Alaska


Bon voyage, Andy!

On Tue, 02 Jun 2015 20:56:34 -0700, Andrew wrote:

Guys, I will be traveling up to Port Townsend to morrow to participate
in the Race to Alaska.

The race begins Thursday, June 4, at 5am. I am only doing the first leg,
from Port Townsend to Victoria. This is a 40 mile run and the winds
don't look too bad.

I am crewing on Tom Luque's 19ft WW Potter, /Jojoma/, so I'll be
traveling in style.

Our team name is Team Mastgate. You can follow our progress on this website:

John (jkohnen@...)
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It's about 2:30PM and, atypically, the wind in the Strait has dropped considerably.  It was 15 kts this AM and now is down around 6 kt from the WSW.

 Meanwhile according to the Canadian Current Atlas, the current is starting to flood and is up to a couple of kts, West to East.  The Spot shows Andrew and Tom, Team Mastgate.com to be on their way, not to Victoria, but to San Juan Island!

See the Spot maps at http://r2ak.com/

The current won't really start ebbing until darkness sets in tonight.

Rowing a Potter 19 is tough.  The current plus leeway would not seem to give them anywhere to anchor


Several other boats are seeing the same problem.

We wish them well!



Mastgate just arrived Victoria finish. A long day for Andy, but not so long as a certain Everglades incident...

David Graybeal