Race to Alaska


Glad they are ashore safe and sound!

Andrew Linn

Guys, I will be traveling up to Port Townsend to morrow to participate in the Race to Alaska.

The race begins Thursday, June 4, at 5am. I am only doing the first leg, from Port Townsend to Victoria. This is a 40 mile run and the winds don't look too bad.

I am crewing on Tom Luque's 19ft WW Potter, /Jojoma/, so I'll be traveling in style.

Our team name is Team Mastgate. You can follow our progress on this website:

For those wondering: I couldn't get any time in the Goose, and felt talking it, untested, across the Salish Sea would be imprudent. This isn't some milk run like the Texas 200 where I can float for days waiting for a fisherman to pick me up. For those concerned about my safety, don't be. I've seen Tom stare down a barge on the Columbia