Coot Conyact List (was: Cals Contact Info. - also are Phone, and PC #'s -- on Coots site??) #'s


I'm afraid i haven't updated the Coot Contact List in too long. <sigh> Or mentioned it here. The Coot Contact List is a _Private_ list of contact info for Coots. The only way to get a copy of the list is by agreeing to have your contact info included in the List, and only those Coots who want to have their info in the List are included. You can put as much, or as little, info in your entry as you want, but it's not much use if you don't include at least your email and cell phone number. Many Coots put their home, and/or mailing address, and home phone in their entry as well. Like I say, the List is private, so only your fellow Coots will know. <g>

If you'd like to be included in the Coot Contact List, email me privately and I'll put you in, and send you a copy. I've emailed the Coots who are currently on the List to ask for updates in their contact info. Please let me know if there have been any changes -- or if you didn't get my email.


On Mon, 29 Dec 2014 08:53:05 -0800, Cal wrote:

I might hope that a new coots membership direct e-mail and phone printed out list could be made available, to keep in touch when a computer is not handy, for breakdowns, or "on the road" contacts. We used to have that, and I would be happy to chip in a buck or two to make it easier to stay in touch. Old one probably way out of date, or not on web ??
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I'm WAY............. behind on messages.
I'd like to be included in your list of Coots.
e-mail me: dan dot hohman at gmail dot com