Cals Contact Info. - also are Phone, and PC #'s -- on Coots site?? #'s


Calling all coots, I'm just setting up a new 7" HP tablet for trips, and not packing the big laptop base -- so i'm not always getting mail recently.  My centurytel mail will NOT get to the new operating system.  Centurytel does not support that new format as yet -- so i had to go to gmail for a working e-mail address. 

The only person to use the new tablet so far is La Verne, (and Jay Lenos garage) so all mail is welcome to help me get this correctly set and identified.  I still try to keep each account isolated for security.  The coots web is not as often checked, I try, but if  it is time sensitive or important that I respond, please use a direct link ---  or call my land line at -- 541-895-2679 -- and just leave a message.

I might hope that a new coots membership direct e-mail and phone printed out list could be made available, to keep in touch when a computer is not handy, for breakdowns, or "on the road" contacts.  We used to have that, and I would be happy to chip in a buck or two to make it easier to stay in touch. Old one probably way out of date, or not on web ??

The tablet is ---  calboats9@...  

The laptop is -- h20dragon@...

Phone & messages  ----  541-895-2679

Thanks, all mail is very welcome,  Cal