Thanks Coots and John K -- Great Party


Great pizza party last night, many thanks to John for the ride.  Gotta love that Toyota at 42 or so average mpg, and quiet on most parts of the freeway.  Constantly impressed, and we rented one for a recent trip for a couple thousand miles, very pleased..

Good to meet other new coots, looking forward to good boating situations this year. Now that this winter doesn't have much for me to do, I'm looking for some decent weather boating options. Too bad most are busy during the week, but we are kinda spread out.. 

 Wish I had known some older two stroke OB's were going away to lon, a while back.  I still needed one to fit my other motor, but will now do the stinger project.   If anybody has a 1 to 2 (or 3) gearbox, I might be able to get my 2400 rpm electric motor to a better power range.

Good stuff,  Cal