Monday at Fern Ridge


Monday 22 Sept, Fern Ridge lake, Richardson Park 9:30 AM; sail, float around, or whatever.  Gather at Richardson for lunch about Noon.  Radio Channel 16 or 68, if you can't see anybody.

For Monday, the Coot Calendar says, "Autumn Equinox."  This may be the last chance for the summer, so I was talking to Dennis B., and we decided to head to  FR for the day.  Everyone is welcome to join in. I need to leave by about 3PM, but feel free to stay as long as you want!!

So far:

Bob - The 8-ft Acorn with sails

Dennis - Culler Sampan with sails



Ahoy, Dennis B:


I had the pleasure of seeing his boats and drinking some of his water while passing through Albany a few weeks back.  I seem to have done mischief to his email address in the interregnum.  However, if anybody should hail him at FR please say hello.  Also, he was headed off on a Saltchuck adventure to the South Sound.  It would be nice to hear how that went. 


Fair winds, following seas,

Dan Rogers