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It happens to the best of us. So why wouldn't it happen to you and I? <G> That's the advice a couple of folks gave me, also. Change the password.



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I have been advised that if you change your password after you have been infected, it will not send out again.  It only affects your mail account and not your computer.  If you do not see my signature, do not open a link from my URL.  Sorry again for the inconvenience.

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I thought I'd pass along this description from my co-worker. It's basically what he tells customers when they report suspicious spam:
This is your basic virus propagation technique.  The way it works is a computer becomes infected with a virus.  Then, the virus steals the address book on the infected machine.  The virus then uses the stolen addresses to send emails to, like the one you received.  The emails are crafted to cause alarm when read, and use HTML trickery to disguise links in the scam email, so the reader will think they are legitimate linksâ€"but they are just links to infected servers, where you will receive a copy of the virus if you click.  Your account was never compromised, and no order actually took placeâ€"it is just a scam designed to worry you enough to suspend your normal suspicions long enough to infect your computer with a virus.  Go ahead and delete it without clicking.


The description I like to use is mailing a letter. You can put any return address you want on a letter. No one will know the difference. Spammers use the same technique to grab someone's email address and make it appear as though they sent out spam.

I checked Lon's computer this morning, running both Avast (antivirus) and Malwarebytes (anti-malware). Both came up clean. So please delete suspicious emails from him. He does use Yahoo, which also scans any outgoing messages for viruses.

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I did not get one from Joe but I did get two from Lonn with the same time and date stamp this last week. I also got one from Dave a couple weeks ago. Both had their actual E-mail address but the message was a link that has been going around. Changeing Password will do the trick also not useing Facebook or Yahoo to sign in on other sites helps it is atached to some poor advertisers. selling all kinds of information.