[MessaboutW] Re: Inflation and boat building

terry lesh

I had thought about using the Signal MDO, and talked to designer O'Brian about it -- he said that MDO is very difficult to skarf due to the resined paper -- won't fair out for gluing the skarf. I have read other places that epoxy will not adhere to it. Also I don't know if MDO comes in 3/8" which I need for the cabin structure.

?? Terry

"Jon & Wanda(Tink)" <windyjon@...> wrote:
Terry after reading all the posts I think it is 3 coats on the inside
and glass on the outside. A thought would be to use a pump sprayer to
apply the glycal and put one coat of epoxy on each side after it
dried then when the epoxy has cured sand it for future bonding. The
surfaces that are glued don't need three coats just the rest.
Glassing both sides before will male the ply stiffer and more work at
the joints. May be worth calling the lumber yards to see if they can
get Signal MDO 2 sided from
it has no voids and will not check and the price could be fair for
the trouble it saves. For epoxy to seal and glass use the nonblushin
from here 15 gal for $585 free shipping. It
is good epoxy and will not blush. Recoat in 48 hr. when below 70
degrees and it will bond well to previous coat. For filling my glass
I troweled epoxy and cabosil ( each seller spells it different) mixed
half and half. More sanding but better for beaching. Just some of my


--- In MessaboutW@..., terry lesh <terrylesh33@...> wrote:

Thanks for sharing. Did you coat all surfaces of all plywood with
epoxy B4 assembly? I have been reading Dave Carnell's stuff saying
its a waste of time and $. I'm getting set up to build Tracy
O'Brian's 18' sharpie power skiff Kayleigh. He wants at least 3 coats
of epoxy on all surfaces before assembly and glass on all exposed

The boat takes 8 sheets 3/8", and 5 of 1/2". O'Brian wants fir
for the hull and fir or A2 mahagany for the decks and cabin. I
pretty much have decided to go all fir ( ~ $50 through Home Depot
[Lumber Products]. I found some Chinese Okoume in Sweet Home for ~
$30, but after researching it, decided against it -- who knows what
they put in it.

I can get 3/8" Hydrotek (BS 1088 Meranti with some voids) for ~
$58 from Allied in Los Angeles.

My plan is to soak everything good with ethylene glycol and let
dry, then coat with epoxy as needed depending on the type of plywood
used. If I go with fir, I will have to follow the designer's recco --
coat all 3x, and glass all exposed (e.g. tops, sides, decks) surfaces.

All this is very confusing to sort out. Any advice is welcome.


Bob Larkin <boblark@...> wrote:
A lot of questions came up at Toledo about costs. I
couldn't remember
the numbers very well, so after I got home I looked up what I paid
Birdwatcher material, and pass these along. Most of this was within
last 2-years, but inflation seems to make them look like an "era
in some cases.

2-HP Honda long shaft, 2005, new from Southside Marine in Corvallis
2005, $791.

EZ-Loader EZL90B/17 custom extended galvanized trailer, 2100 lb
capacity, Southside Marine, May 2005, delivered, $1,656.

1088 BS Okoume Plywood from Crosscut in Eugene, but delivered to
Corvallis, January 2005, 3-mm $26.00, 4-mm $29.25, 6-mm $42.75, 12-

1/2-inch A/B Marine Doug Fir from Crosscut, January 2005, $43.57.


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