Re: [MessaboutW] Re: Antique Outboard Meet August 6



Your '52 Johnson is definitely an antique, and if you're older than that,
well, you figure it out. Even my '62 Merc 250 is old enough for the AOMC
nuts to drool over, but maybe that's because it has a pedigree; being the
last of a noble and famous line of Mercs. I have trouble thinking of
anything younger than I am as an antique, especially anything I was old
enough to remember when it was new. I guess I'm well on the way to becoming
an antique myself. <g>

BTW, we're going to be powered by a '52 Johnson 10 horse on our trip to Elk

On Fri, 27 Jul 2001 20:44:20 -0000, Pat wrote:
How old to I , I mean my motor have to be to be an antique.
I think mine is a 52 Johnson 15. One of the "Big motors" back
then. I think it was replaces by an 18. Red cast alluminum
John <>
I cannot help thinking that the people with motor boats miss a great deal.
If they would only keep to rowboats or canoes, and use oar or paddle...
they would get infinitely more benefit than by having their work done for
them by gasoline. <Theodore Roosevelt>

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