Re: Definitely Going to Elk City August 4


-John, I'll be at Elk City as,long as I get my outboard motor out of
the shop. I took it in Tues. They said 7 to 10 days, & 10 days would
be the Fri. before the trip. I'm going to give them a call tonight
and see if anythings been done yet & to push them along quicker.
So I plan on coming if I have a motor. Well off to work I go. I'd
rather be going where your going. Dick

In MessaboutW@y..., jhkohnen@b... wrote:
We're definitely going to Elk City Saturday, August 4. We'll leave
Toledo launch ramp at 10:30 - 11:00. To get to the Toledo ramp go
down to
the waterfront in Toledo and turn left, then go past the mill and
the bridge across the river. When you come to a fork in the road
and a
bunch of brown signs bear right and go a little ways and you'll see
sign for the ramp.

Hope some of you can make it.

John <jkohnen@b...>
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