Not going to Tractor Show


Hope you got over your bug, did you have the flu or something?
Looks like I won't get to the Brooks Steamup yet this year.
I've been asked to work Sat., since I've been off so much this summer
thought I'd better work. Just wanted to let you know in case you
wanted to omit it since your going to go to Portland Boat Show too.
Anyway I won't be there after all. I had the old Tractor ready to go
Your right John, old is better. I took my boat to Foster Fri. and the
4 hp Mercury quit on me. I had to row her back about two miles, boy
were my arms tired when I got done. The old Clinton never failed me
that way, it always got me back. It just didn't like hot weather.
Well just wanted to get this to you to let you know of my change of
plans, catch ya later.

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