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Alas, July 21st won't work for my tin skiff owning, antique outboard nut
friend, he's got to help somebody do a concrete slab that weekend. Besides,
I've come down with the plague of some sort and may not be feeling up to
snuff by Saturday. :o( I did make my friend promise to be available August
4th, two weeks from this coming Saturday. Will that work for everybody?
High tide on the 4th is about 3:00 PM at Toledo, we could leave the Toledo
launch ramp at 10:30-11:00, have a latish lunch in Elk City and jaw about
boats until the tide turns (or we get impatient) and head back to Toledo.

Sorry to hear about Orca's operation. She may be more practical now, but
no where near as interesting. <g>

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001 05:49:06 -0000, Dick Mitsch wrote:
-John, The 21st is still open, & sounds good to me, if we can get
some more to join us. The Elk City Park is small, but real nice. It
has a few camp sites, bathrooms, and a boat ramp & dock, also a
picnic area, we could have lunch there. Where would you want to start
from in Toledo. If your friends don't show up again you can go with
The little "Orca" has had some major changes. No more inboard. It now
has a well and a 4hp Mercury, not so original but more practical.I
can still sail her if I want to though.
I would have came Sunday, but my son from Bend asked me to meet him
at Clear Lake to go fishing with him. Since I don't get to see or do
much with him anymore I wanted to see him. Had a good visit, but only
caught one fish.
Hope the Elk City messabout gets good results.
John <>
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