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Wish I could have been there. The topo is great and it looks like there is
a lot of exploration to be had in the upper Yaquina Estuary. One of these
days I'll have to get to a messabout.

Quick not eon the steaming device I made awhile ago. It has almost been
totally dedicated to heating up the hill billy hottub. I picked up a cheap
transfer pump from Harbor Freight, we'll see how long it lasts, but it turns
the water over (about 120 gallons, mid-sized stock tank)in about 30 minutes,
5 gpm, which runs through my steamer/heat exchanger in the fire pit. It
takes about one hour to heat the tub to 102F. One of these days, I'll have
to get some green oak and bend some frames for the boat. It would make a
good estuary exploration boat.

I think I asked this before, but is there a fair amount of folks heading up
to the Port Townsend festival in September? If we have a few, it would be
fun to get together, maybe camp together or something. Any interest?

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Sawyer's Landing is a nice place! Aside from the friendly folks and nice
camping spots Jack, Scott Marble and I discovered something else wonderful
about the place, but we better not tell anybody about it! <g> I'll stay
there again.

The turnout for the messabout was small, just Jack (and his wife Maggie and
a couple of grandaughters for a while), Scott Marble and I, but a good time
was had by all. The weather was warm and sunny, but the wind howled out of
the northwest and made the bay awfully choppy most of the day so we sat
around out of the wind at Sawyer's Landing gabbing about boats, looking at
maps and pictures, and otherwise having a good time until the tide turned
in the afternoon and the chop eased up some. I didn't have enough gumption
to take Pickle out and Scott only had a kayak, but Jack had been putting
around in his big dory so we joined him for a little run up the bay and a
look into Poole Slough after the tide turned. Boy is it nice up Poole
Slough! Quiet and wild, with a few docks and houses and some interesting
derelict boats, well worth further exploration. You can see a map of where
we went here:

Scott and I did got out for a nice sail in Pickle in the evening when the
wind died down a bit. It was a Good Day. My removable outboard bracket
worked fine and the little Honda 2 pushed Pickle around quite well, but she
ran awfully bow-high with me sitting on the stern seat working the engine.

Sunday Scott and I went to the Toledo ramp, but nobody showed up, not
even my friends with the tin skiff! But we did find a good place to eat in
Toledo; The Timbers on main street. Good plain American food at good

I left a note on the sailing skiff at Criteser's Friday, and it came
sailing down to Sawyer's Landing, but I apparently wasn't up yet and it
didn't stop. It's a Billy Atkins designed Jasper, real nice.I got an email
from the owner though, and I think we can bring him into the fold. He's one
of us alright, a few days ago he bought that derelict Pete Culler skiff
that was under the pile of junk at Criteser's. <g>

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