Elk City Expedition


I've had no explanation so far why my friends with the tin skiff didn't
show up to haul me to Elk City Sunday, but the boat's owner had to get his
antique outboard in shape, put a timing belt in his car, set up the stoves
for Chez Ray at the Country Fair, and who knows what else before the trip,
and just didn't get it all done in time. Now we're talking about doing the
trip next Saturday, the 21st. I hope it works this time! <g> I'll keep you
informed. Anyone who wants to tag along is welcome, if you don't have a
motorboat maybe you can bum a ride with someone who has one (the tin skiff
will have a boatload already though). Maybe even Dick Mitsch can make it,
isn't the weekend of the 21st the only one you have free in July Dick?

John <jkohnen@boat-links.com>
I care not for a man's religion whose dog or cat are not the better for it.
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