Re: Messabout -July 14.


Hope you folks had a good time.
I went to the Dr on Wednesday, and he sugested against doing any
boating for a while. Too much chance of moving my head in the wrong
It's been a long ordeal for me already, and I don't want to screw
things up now after all this time.
Really not ready to have to do it all again.
Dr said I was improving as to plan, unfortunately he did not tell
me at last visit that "Plan" involved me wearing neck brace for
another three months. Guess he thought I could handle it better
if he just told me three months at a time. Just hope this is the
last three months.
The good news is he told me I didn't have a screw loose, despite
what some might say.
I was really looking forward to trip to Elk City, but I guess it
will still be there when I am finally able.
Please give me a rundown on how it went. I find I'm having to
live a lot vicariosly these days.
I am getting better, just have to force myself to take it easy
and heal. I guess I didn't know how serious fusing cevical
vertebrate is.
This to will pass.
Sorry for not being able to make it.

Pat Patteson
Molalla, Oregon

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