Re: [MessaboutW] Re: Yaquina Bay July 14 Elk City



You've got a one track mind-- full of oars! <g> The captain's gig in
question is an ex-US Navy motorboat:

I believe recreational bay crabbing goes on year 'round. The crabs don't
like too much fresh water, so it makes sense that they'd be happy in the
summer, but I really don't know much about crabbing. Sawyer's rents crab
rings, so there must be some crabs around.

I've pretty well got the outboard bracket worked out for Pickle, so even if
the tin skiff with the antique outboard doesn't show up we can try the Elk
City trip Sunday.

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001 10:37:17 -0700 , you wrote:
When you figure out the captain's gig issue on the Yaquina and plan a trip,
will you need any rowers? I don't know the size of your (John) friend's
gig, but if you need more rowers, let me know. I think that would be a
great adventure up to Elk City.

I'll try to make the messabout. I just got two crab traps for my birthday,
is it crabbing season and is there decent crabbing near Sawyer's?
John <>
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