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When you figure out the captain's gig issue on the Yaquina and plan a trip,
will you need any rowers? I don't know the size of your (John) friend's
gig, but if you need more rowers, let me know. I think that would be a
great adventure up to Elk City.

I'll try to make the messabout. I just got two crab traps for my birthday,
is it crabbing season and is there decent crabbing near Sawyer's?

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The messabout is a one-day affair with the option of messing about Sunday
if anybody wants to. In this case, the second day could be the Elk City
trip. It's about ten miles from the Toledo ramp to Elk City, in our tin
skiff we might be able to make that in hour and a bit if we hurried, but
we'll be dawdling, even slowcoaches should be able to do the trip in a
couple of hours each way, less with favorable tides. The tides will be
running pretty weakly on the 16th, but we'll probably try to leave the ramp
not much after nine to ride the flood up the river, high tide is a little
before eleven at Toledo. I suppose we'll hang around Elk City for a bit and
have lunch then head back.

I'm going to stay at Sawyer's Landing Friday and Saturday nights.

On Sat, 07 Jul 2001 15:10:10 -0000, Pat wrote:
Is the Messabout a one day afair?
Do you plan to spend the night at Sawyer's and go up to
Elk City on Sunday.
We are still planning to come, and Elk city trip sounds like fun.
More incentive to bring Rapid Robert and Seaponies. (Got to see if
any of them died over the winter.)
What woud be your gestamated time frame for Elk City trip?

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