Re: Yaquina Bay July 14 Elk City


Is the Messabout a one day afair?
Do you plan to spend the night at Sawyer's and go up to
Elk City on Sunday.
We are still planning to come, and Elk city trip sounds like fun.
More incentive to bring Rapid Robert and Seaponies. (Got to see if
any of them died over the winter.)
What woud be your gestamated time frame for Elk City trip?

Pat Patteson
Molalla, Oregon

--- In MessaboutW@e..., jhkohnen@b... wrote:
Well, it looks like the messabout will be at Sawyer's Landing July
Somebody who knows how to get ahold of him (Jack?) should tell Scott
Malvitch. I've put a couple of scans of the flyer from Sawyer's
showing their rates and whatnot into the files section.

John <jkohnen@b...>
Nobody ought to wear a Greek fisherman's hat unless they meet two
1. He is a Greek
2. He is a Fisherman <Roy Blount Jr.>

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