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Jack & Maggie Brown <mjbrown@...>

Bryn: I'm not sure of the guys name, but try the following address:

All Native Hardwoods
850 Del Rio Rd ROSEBURG OR (541) 672-8851

Jack Brown

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Does anyone have the number for the guy in Roseburg that sells native
hardwoods? I can't find it in any directory, yp, directory service,
I've asked around. Anyway, I understand he sells green oak and I
have a steambending project coming up and I'm in search of
inexpensive green oak.

I'll tell you a bit about this project, I'm pretty excited about it
and I love talking boats. Also, John wanted to hear more about this
project. I really got into banks dorys and other New England style
dories and small craft in general that do not require a combustion
engine for propulsion, so this project I'm doing is a bit not like
me, but nonetheless, I still get excited about it. It is a
restoration/rennovation project of a 1960's Cruiser's Inc. 16'
runabout. I think it's the utility of the runabout that get's me
stoked. It's a great camping boat, a great lake/picnic boat, a good
exploration boat say from a converted Troller in the San Juans, a
good lake fishing boat, or estuary crabbing boat, and I hate to say
it, but it's also a decent water skiing boat. I think that will
llkley be that last thing I do with it, however, I have to admit that
it would be kinda fun.

I got the boat for free from a guy in Eugene who was planning, like a
lot of us, to completely restore the boat, but because he found
another 1960's Cruiser, 18-footer, in better condition, decided to
make that the project and give up the one he was working on. He
rebuilt the keel, laminated a new stem, and cleaned and recaulked the
lapstrake joints between each plank on the forward half of the
vessel. A fair amount of work to give up, but I was happy to take it
off his hands. There is quite a bit of work to do on it, but it
sounds like the windshield and seats, all mahoghany, except the
glass, of course, are in fair condition and will likely need little
more than a good refinishing. I have a sneaking suspicion that I
came across this same boat two owners ago in Springfield (3 years
ago) being offered for $100 dollars, If that was it, then I guess it
pays to wait.

Gottago, thanks in advance and thanks to John for putting this

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