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Glad you had a good trip. I've never been to Elk City, either by road or
water. I tried the road from Highway 20 on my motorcycle once, but it was
just too bad to be any fun on a street bike! Even though the road from
Toledo is said to be much better, I think it's safe to say that Elk City is
"off the beaten track". <g> They used to run steamboats up to Elk City in
the old days, and my friend Bill (you met him at the Dexter messabout)
wants to scout things out to see if he can get his Navy captain's gig up
that far (draws 3' something), so we're going to take a tin skiff with an
antique outboard up the river. Alas, it looks like the Elk City expedition
may be either the day before or the day after the Yaquina Bay messabout. If
it's as nice a trip as it looks like it'll be, it'll be worth doing again

I'm pushing for doing the Elk City trip the day after the messabout so that
any motorboating messabouters who'd like to tag along can have a chance.
It's about ten river miles from the Port of Toledo launch ramp to Elk City.
We'll be using an ancient 10 hp. motor, but we won't be in a hurry, and
with three of us in the tin skiff it may not be too much of a speedboat

The sailing skiff Foxglove that moors at Criteser's is a nice one alright!
It looks like it started out as a Billy Atkins design, either Jasper (14')
or Aunty Helen (16'), but has a slightly different decking arrangement. I'd
like to get the boat and owner to our messabout, but I forgot to leave a
note when I was there last week. If you wander over towards the restrooms
at Critesers you'll stumble on a derelict sailing skiff under a pile of
junk. It looks very much like something Pete Culler would have designed. I
wonder if there's a connection to the Atkins skiff's owner?

On Fri, 06 Jul 2001 04:13:45 -0000, Dick Mitsch wrote:
John, We had a nice day at the coast on the 4th. We took the Elk City
tour. We drove from Hy.20 to Elk City to Toledo. Stopped at the Elk
City Park, what a nice place. Looks like a good place for a messabout
for motor powered boats. Sounds like a neat trip your planning. Would
be interested in going if the scheduling permits. I have all week-
ends free in Aug. We are planning a garage sale on one of them, but
haven't set a date yet. Stopped at Criteser's saw a boat called
the "Foxglove", nice wooden sailboat, about a 15' one and narrow. Let
me know when Elk City gets planned
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