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Pat knows the answer, but I'll say that I don't think it's at Oak's Park
this Year. Actually, I believe it's at the new waterfront park (where ever
that is)on the east side of the river in downtown. I'm not sure if they
still do the build/row-boat-across-river event, but it's pretty neat. My
first woodenboat is the firecracker (a 9 foot rowing dory skiff-thingy),
which is the boat that is built and rowed across the river in a day or maybe
it's over the weekend. Some of the northern folks in the group might have
more to offer about this event. It should be good, though.

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I just got a message from Tom Carter of Rivers West about the festival up
in Portland. Unfortunately it conflicts with the Steam Up in Brooks. :o(
Boats or ancient machinery, it's a tough choice.

I'm not familiar with Portland (I try to stay away from the megalopolis),
do any of you know where the launch ramp and festival are and how to get to


Sorry to be so long in replying about the boat show. Its really taking off
and turning into a big deal. Its the last weekend in July, the 28th and
29th at the south end of the new Eastside Esplanade. There is a public
dock there where exibitors can tie up. The closest, handiest launch ramp
is at Willamette Park in the Johns Landing area. I'm not sure how we will
be handling parking for boat trailers for exibitors, but we have something
worked out. If you want to come we would love to have you. Contact Jerry
Estes, the show chairman, at:

See you there,
Tom Carter


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