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I suppose we could do the messabout on the 21st, but I've mentioned to some
people who probably don't monitor this list that it would _probably_ be on
the 14th. :o( I suppose we ought to stick to the 14th and hope to catch you
next time. We'll miss you though.

I stopped at the ramp near Criteser's the other day, it's just a ramp,
parking lot and restroom. I think that part of the bay is probably more fun
in a motorboat or good rowboat than a sailboat. Sometime quite soon I'm
going to try a trip from that ramp up to Elk City with a couple of
friends-- using an antique outboard! I think I'll take my little Honda
along for insurance. <g> It should be a nice, interesting trip.

When you got to the coast can you leave a note about it in the Atkin-like
sailing skiff that moors at Critesers? I forgot to the other day. It's an
interesting little boat and I hope it shows up.

I may see you at the steam-up in Brooks on the 28th. There's always lots of
neat machinery there! I went once, years ago, and it turned out to be one
of the hottest days of the summer! I thought I was going to die wandering
around between those simmering steamers and hot gas engines! Let's hope
it's a bit nicer this year.

The motor launch needs a lot of work, though it's basically sound. I should
replace part of the keelson and possibly a few planks. The engine will need
a sleeve eventually, and who knows what else I'll find when I tear it down.
I'm glad I bought it though! If it doesn't sink too quickly and the engine
runs OK (I got a new carb float today) I plan on putting around a bit this
summer before tearing things apart, I may even bring it to a messabout. <g>

On Sat, 30 Jun 2001 17:46:49 -0000, Dick Mitsch wrote:
Hello all. I've been reading all your messages. I don't type very
well so I just read. I let my wife do the typing, she's faster.
There is a ramp just up from Criteser's, toward Toledo. It has the
ramp, a nice dock, & parking lot. I lauched there once when I took my
Uncle for a boat ride. I don't remember if there's any camping, but
we're going over there the 4th so I'll look into more of what's there.
July is a busy month for me, I won't be able to make the 14th, we
have a Family Reunion in Molalla. Then the 28th I'm showing my Dad's
1948 York Turnabout Tractor at Brook's Antique Tractor Show. I've
invited the group if anyone is interested in old tractors & motors(
they're just not in boats).The only week-end that's free is the 21st.
If it's working out for everyone on the 14th then I'll just try to
catch the next one.
John, congratulations on the New/Old purchase. Not mad, your just a
boat nut like the rest of us. I'm still thinking of selling mine on a
web-site, but haven't done much about it yet.
John <>
"Necessity is the mother of invention" is a silly proverb.
"Necessity is the mother of futile dodges" is much nearer the truth.
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