Yaquina Bay messabout Spots


I did a little scouting around Yaquina Bay the last few days.

Sawyer's Landing is about a mile closer to Newport than I had it on the map
(there's a new map at:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MessaboutW/files/YaquinaMap.jpg ), it's right
at Yaquina. Advantages to Sawyer's landing are:

Right across the road from the Mad Dog tavern (despite the name a nice
friendly joint.

Closer to interesting sloughs than South Beach.

More pleasant location than South Beach.

Less of a maze to negotiate before reaching open water.

Tent and RV camping.

Use of the docks for the day.

Decks and picnic tables for hanging out.

Grocery store.


No beach (but there might be a nice spot across the bay).

Boats launched by hoist for $10 (covers in and out).

No place to launch cartop boats except with the hoist.

The boat basin at South Beach has few advantages (in my unbiased [kaf!
kaf!] opinion:

Only $6 to use the ramp.

Cartoppers might be able to sneak their boats into the water without

A "chuck wagon" selling hamburgers and hot dogs.

Easier to sail around looking at old fishing boats.

Likelihood of lusty winds.

RV camping available.


Lots of rowing for unpowered boats before getting to open water (but the
basin seems to be well protected from the tides and the breakwaters are
high enough that they might give some protection from the wind for
short-masted boats).

Inconvenient trailer parking.

Sterile atmosphere.

No beach (I didn't go looking for Pat's beach near the Hatfield Center).

Another launch site on the bay is the Port of Toledo ramp just upstream
from Criteser Mooring (within sight). Advantages:

Free launching.

Close to interesting waters.

Close to Criteser Mooring and the interesting old boats that frequent it.

Quiet water and light wind for very small boats.


No beach.

Spartan facilities (no picnic tables, small dock, no trees).

Narrow water.

Light wind.

Currents are likely stronger than in the wider waters of the bay.

No camping.

I'm leaning towards Sawyer's Landing for the July 14th messabout, but the
choice doesn't have to be mine. Does anyone else have any ideas? Does July
14th _not_ work for anybody?

John <jkohnen@boat-links.com>
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for being in a ship is being in a jail, with the chance of being drowned...
A man in jail has more room, better food, and commonly better company.
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