Re: Halloween paddle November 5th???

Bob Larkin

The total rain forecast for the coast range is in the 2+ inch range.  They don't forecast the Yaquina R. levels, but the Alsea R. is expected to rise 2-ft and the Siletz 3-ft.  Wind is expected to continue into Saturday along with isolated squalls.

I have two concerns. First, the initial river rise in the fall washes the wood from the banks into the water.   The river flow will be up considerably moving this debris along.

The second is due to the classic current flow against wind and wind waves.  This is particularly an issue in the last stretch going south to Cannon Quarry park where the waves may get past uncomfortable.

Or, maybe none of this is an issue. But with the uncertainty I plan to skip this one and get ready for the trip on Dec 3 from Cannon Quarry to the Toledo Airport ramp.  What are other people's thoughts?  I'm not a local  :-)

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