Yaquina River - Halloween and Thanksgiving

Bob Larkin

I notice that the two annual fall river trips are coming up shortly. Per my official Coot Calendar:
"Nov. 5:Yaquina River Halloween Float"  This takes us from Elk City to Cannon Quarry.  The date was cleverly chosen to have mid-day tides running favorably.  NOAA says that the tides for Toledo (a better part of an hour earlier than the trip) are
2022/11/05  Sat 05:02 AM    0.84 ft   L
2022/11/05  Sat 11:12 AM    9.30 ft    H
2022/11/05  Sat 5:53  PM    0.64 ft   L
2022/11/05  Sat 11:42 PM    7.83  ft  H
Note that this is still Daylight time, in fact, the last day of it.

John, the Coot write up is still for 2021.  http://www.coots.org/mb/Halloween/index.html The concept is correct, but some details are not.

And looking ahead, we have "Dec. 3:Yaquina River After Thanksgiving Float."  This completes the Yaquina trip with Cannon Quarry to Toledo Airport boat Ramp.  Tides are a bit earlier, giving stronger mid-day currents.  NOAA says, for Toledo,
2022/12/03  Sat 02:33 AM    1.51 ft    L
2022/12/03  Sat 08:53 AM    9.43 ft    H
2022/12/03  Sat 3:53  PM    0.94 ft    L
2022/12/03  Sat 9:41  PM    6.93 ft    H

Come on over.  The area is mostly protected from wind and waves, especially the first trip.  The river supplies most of the paddle power.  The weather can be anything, but the trips are always fun.


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