Re: Looking for RF SHIELDING for a depth finder - trying this First


THread with a long tail !   Har, but here goes, from my last outing at Fern Ridge.  The wrapped depth finder tape works, I can now see the images, they are a lot clearer. The amount of "snow" on my screen is reduced by maybe 75 % minimum.  I have some but a ghost of what it was, and that's with increased details.  I had it on max noise reject, but that pretty much reduced the overall detail as well.  So, now it works, just wrap the factory cable and it works, so ok.  I also ordered some magnetic suppressor gadgets, so those I can use in addition, to the wrap.

I found some rf wrapped instrument wire in my goodie box, so shortly rewiring some of the most possible troubling instruments, adding in line fuzes, etc.  The main cables did NOT need wrapping in any way, so far as I see, and the new Newport 62 lb. motor shows zero interference, so that's good also.  I believe the problem is solved for now   The important take away is that the adhesive tape works.  Glad I did this, wish it had been done before the original install, but it does work. To make it tidy, I got some split auto wiring cover for 1/4 in, -- and overcoated the whole exposed wrapped cable for better protection of that portion, and it looks better too. 

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