Yaquina Bay Messabout Spot?


More info from Warren Jordan (he designed my boat

Sawyer's Landing is a nice little marina about 5 miles up the north bay
road from Newport. They have a hoist launch and a little store and docks
and campground facilities...very cozy place.

Criteser's only has a marine railways for haulout and repair, but no launch
facilities, as far as I know.

I sort of favor having the messabout up the bay a ways. The wind would
probably be steadier and stronger near South Beach, but Sawyer's Landing is
close to a couple of interesting looking backwaters to explore. It sounds
like a nice place too. I'll check it out next week. It's just about where
my guess put it on the map in the files section.

The tides for July 14 are pretty much neaps with a low high tide at about
7:30 in the morning at Yaquina (near Sawyer's Landing), a low tide at about
1:15 and then a higher high tide at about 8:00 in the evening. Perhaps not
the best for exploring shallow sloughs, but the currents shouldn't be too

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