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Myles Twete

Hi Mark-

Just was syncing with my wife to see if I can travel with her in the coming month and thought I’d check when this Cathlamet messabout was slated for.  I couldn’t find dates in this message thread and checked my Coots calendar on my wall---says the Fall messabout is this coming weekend.  If that is the case, I can’t make it as I’ve been planning to sturgeon fish on Saturday (1 of 3 days this year) with a friend.  If the plan was to do the messabout on one of the following weekends, I can make that.



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Hi Myles,


On Fri, Sep 9, 2022 at 9:15 AM Myles Twete <matwete@...> wrote:

I’m still very interested in this and would be motoring down from Kadow’s Marina on the Columbia below Kelly Point


I'm glad to hear this. I'm not sure I would want to attempt a solo trip, but would rather have experienced companions for the first time.


I’d probably want to leave on Thursday and arrive Cathlamet Friday, spending Thurs. night either at Rainier docks or anchoring somewhere downstream a bit from there.  Summer afternoons get very windy with big waves around Cape Horn upstream from Cathlamet, so it’s best to go thru there in the morning


That would be fine with me.  Being retired means flexibility.  :-) 


 I’ll want to plug in and recharge batteries at Cathlamet.  When I was there a couple weeks ago for the NWSS Annual Meet, it looked like they have charging pedestals at the non-guest docks, so I’ll give them a call about that.


I know that a couple of years ago, Harvey was there with his electric cabin cruiser and he moved over to an empty slip for re-charging. Don't know if he arranged that ahead of time.


 Worse, some of these same fisherman camp there out on the dike and back their boat and diesel truck right by your camp with lights blaring at oh-dark-thirty.


George camped there in August instead of setting his tent up in his Bartender as he did in Toledo, and said that the guy next to him must have caught some fish as he had his generator going all night keeping a deep freezer going.  Or that's what he assumed. For some reason, I seem to remember that fishing is over by our weekend.  We'll see.



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