Re: Looking for RF SHIELDING for a depth finder - trying this First


Good Luck !!, it looks like I'll need that. and more.  Power has been out for a couple days effectively, so I have installed the RF blocking tape while I was idle.  Most everything on the transducer line has been wrapped, but testing has to wait for water to register any clutter.  Tried that yesterday, the taping has a couple open spots, which I need to remove panels and rewrap to get total coverage.  Ahhh! as a note this tape sticks like 100 mph tape, or gorilla tape, that's a one way ticket !!   UNremovable, but could have copper ground wires sandwiched between coverings as ground, that I can add after full install.

A note or two though, the depth finder is a Garmin Striker Vivid 4CV ---- Color 4 inch fishfinder, with gps, and map creating programs.  I also have the older  Eagle _ Cuda 168, a basic black/white unit still installed, and the fore floorboard mounted TV probe with screen, set in line with my helm seat. So, plenty to play with, which I ignored since the twins were out of use for quite a while.  Now maybe i'll get on that again. 
As per me, I didn't do a wiring chart, but the 4 strand trailer wire was used to connect everything, so I just wiggle and look to follow the connections.  All the control hookups needed to run along the sides, but I did try to get the power cords on one side only.  The battery mains run the other side, but the depth finder is on that side.  So that is now almost wrapped, for good or ill.   Water testing would help locate further problems, and I do have enough tape to wrap all power cables.  That extra part depends on what the Garmin screen shows with what I did.  If the main finder cable is secured, maybe that's enough, there is a "clutter" damper setting on the Garmin, sorta works but that restricts any chance of fish location with the other electrical noise too.  Gotta get it wet, so it works in the local water.

This will be a process I fear !!  Might be a good idea to have Surprise on dry land, so we can walk around without being in the wet stuff.  Meanwhile I will review the input, get some items to add on.  I'm not cutting and wiring in the remote speed and direction, to be added to the dash electronic controls till this clutter interference is sorted out.  I will also need some advice with this at our next lunch meeting.  As Myles Swift always reminds me, " Fight only ONE Dragon at a time  !! " ---  I repeat that daily in other situations.

I will review all the notes on this, till I get a handle on what fixes this, THANKS TO ALL ---   Cal


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