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Myles Twete

Thanks Mark.


I’m still very interested in this and would be motoring down from Kadow’s Marina on the Columbia below Kelly Point.  I’d probably want to leave on Thursday and arrive Cathlamet Friday, spending Thurs. night either at Rainier docks or anchoring somewhere downstream a bit from there.  Summer afternoons get very windy with big waves around Cape Horn upstream from Cathlamet, so it’s best to go thru there in the morning, unless you like waves and are going upstream---then surf away!


I’ll want to plug in and recharge batteries at Cathlamet.  When I was there a couple weeks ago for the NWSS Annual Meet, it looked like they have charging pedestals at the non-guest docks, so I’ll give them a call about that.


Camping at the marina is nice---we camped in our Vanagon there on the dike at one of the tent sites, which was cheap enough and views very nice.  We were initially told there was no availability but when I later called they said that must have been a mistake.  One thing that sucks is that since the harbor has a launch ramp right there, during fishing season you’ll get boats being launched and retrieved very early and late.  Worse, some of these same fisherman camp there out on the dike and back their boat and diesel truck right by your camp with lights blaring at oh-dark-thirty.

Still, overall, it’s a nice spot.  The camper next to us was also in a Vanagon and had been camping there for a month already….seemed pretty laid back.




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Hi group,

Now that John has moved the fall messabout to the last weekend of this month, I guess I should post a little info about what I envision it to be.

First off, I checked with the marina folks in Cathlamet last week as I headed for the WA coast. They said essentially the same thing they told me a few months ago - regular fees apply.  Attached is their rate sheet for the marina.  If you are at the dock, you don't pay the parking price. If we anchor out, we do.

I don't have info on the campground, but it may be online.  I was told that the yurts, a-frames, and cabins were all booked. There is also a park in Skamokawa, a few miles downstream.

As for the timing for the messabout.  The calendar shows the "official" days as Fri-Sun, so I guess we would be in port Friday and Saturday nights doing our normal boaty, BS-ing things during the day.

I suggested that we could do an overnight "cruise" before, and again, after the weekend, going in opposite directions if there is interest.  John suggested that we might want to do day trips instead, as that would allow non-sleepaboards to partake. I figure we can talk that out depending on who can make it.

The Cathlamet marina has coin-operated showers and is walking distance to various restaurants and a brewery and a grocery store.  I believe Dan M. has already picked all the blackberries along the various paths.  :-)

At this time, my Tolman is still on her trailer from the Toledo trip.  I was planning on trailering her to Cathlamet.  However, if anyone wants to take a couple of days to go by water from Portland, I would be willing to try that.  I've never been on that stretch of the Columbia in any boat, but would love to try it.






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