Re: Chesapeake Bay Flattie in Charleston


Grant (Charley and John McC's friend) sent this to the wrong address:

"My heart skipped a beat when I saw your pictures of Ted Chism's Hampton flattie! Howard Chappelle's real boats for real people were some of the inspirational source material I was carrying in my head when I built Sweet Matta Udu in West Africa in 2009. Of course Billy Atkin designed a number of flat-bottom sailboats and those too were high in my thinking.
I asked a young local carpenter for a one-year commitment to build the boat with me and we did it -- just barely. We had one power tool -- a 3/8 inch drill. The inside of the planking was left rough, and I took shortcuts I'm now embarrassed to admit, but the boat was a success in her homespun way.

"Thanks for the Flattie pics, I hope she is still well afloat. I'll be in Toledo with a couple of kayaks and will be happy to chat with fellow Old Coots.

"Grant Morseth, Tucson"

I'm looking forward to seeing you in Toledo, Grant.

John <jkohnen@...>
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