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Richard Green

The difference between rust and the galvanic corrosion is that rust is a process of oxidation which will occur without electricity and galvanic corrosion is a metal and electrical “eating” of the less noble metals. Seems to me. I see a big difference between the two. As regards protecting the trailer insides in box beam trailers I have taken some and sloshed Ospho around it my trailers until the inside has been coated thoroughly as I can do it. The outside gets Ospho painted on and in the final treatment, I use Rustoleum rattle can anti rust primer then a topcoat. Best I can say.


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Lead is more noble than steel, so your trailer would sacrifice itself to your lead. The trailer would be the anode, and the lead the cathode...

On 7/30/2022 9:12 PM, Electri-Cal wrote:
Hey Rich, how does rusty metal removal differ from in water galvanic action ?? Since you say the anodes won't work, do you have a substitute material to consider ?? If I recall, much of the pure lead round surf sinkers I mentioned have been replaced with zinc for ecological reasons. Maybe some tests might show a benefit from that approach, what do you think ??
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