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Next time you should tootle through The Jungle. There's a wide spot in the channel when you come out of the trees that's a nice place to stop and swim, or just hang out. You get the afternoon breeze, but no waves, and the water is warm.

If you turn around and retrace your path back to the Perkins Peninsula ramp you can avoid the waves from the afternoon north winds. If you want to exit The Jungle at the north end don't be tempted by what look like clear paths to the east until you get close to the artificial Tern Island. There may be enough depth through the apparent openings further south, but there can be weeds lurking to snarl your propeller. There's a safe track shown on the topo map of the lake here:

A version importable to OpenCPN, or other nav programs that can use raster charts:

A Jungle cruise in May: (et seq.)

That little Mertens garvey looks like it would get crowded with a bunch of big kids in it. <g>

On 7/11/2022 10:51 PM, Jarom wrote:
I've got a homebuilt GV-11 which is becoming quite small since my kids have grown. We were planeing but it got a little rough with the north wind, so we slowed to 5 mph. Once we turned around (by the big, dead twin trees on the east side is the best I can describe it) we turned back south. We came within 300 yards of the swim area and anchored up for a swim. Quite nice, although a difficult reentry. We swam at the swimming area afterwards at Perkins for an hour. No problems, even on my daughter who had extremely sensitive skin. Fun times all around.
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I once knew a writer who, after saying beautiful things about the sea, passed through a Pacific hurricane, and he became a changed man. (Joshua Slocum)
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