free ancient GPS receiver

Mark Neuhaus

Hi folks,

When I bought my Tolman two years ago, the seller threw in a handheld GPS receiver.  Since I have a couple of Garmin handhelds and other devices, I didn't bother with the "gift".  But I came across it the other day and decided to examine it.

It's a Lowrange iFINDER Pro, dating from around 2004.  Grayscale screen, road maps included on SD card.  Only has a 12-volt cord/plug.  Has NO way to connect to a computer although they had offered a cord for that, way back when. I don't think it was intended to be a marine receiver and is only splash resistant.

It takes two AA batteries and it does work, in it's basic and limited menu. Paper manual seems pretty complete for what functions the unit has.

I can bring it to Fern Ridge if someone wants a trial run.

If nobody wants it for free, I suppose Free Geek will recycle it.


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