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It would have been a seismic shift felt 'round the World if Tohatsu stopped making outboards! <g> They did make a deal to sell _large_ outboards made by Honda with Tohatsu decals on them, giving their dealers something to sell in the high-power range that Tohatsu never built motors for. Tohatsus under 60 hp. are still made by Tohatsu, and they also make the small Mercuries, and used to make Nissans. Tohatsus have the cheapest decals, Nissans had slightly more expensive decals, and the Mercs sport the most expensive decals, but have a larger dealer network (and better parts service -- Tohatsu shops often order parts through Mercury).

On 5/2/2022 9:08 AM, Case wrote:
Tohatsu is made by Honda and rebranded as Tohatsu. So it is a real contender. Not to mention the 6 has Forward neutral and reverse. You can also attach an external tank. Which for scandal would be ideal so it could be located near the bow.
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