Re: NMEA (was: a few Android apps I use)

Bob Larkin

Hi Dan - As you describe it, you have a correct collection of USB connectors and cables.  The AIS apparently has the old big type B USB connector which is great.  If you have 2 USB ports on your laptop, put the AIS into one and the GPS into the other.  If needed, a USB hub can expand the number of ports available from the laptop and hubs usually work without problems.

The rest is software and that is anybody's guess.  Drivers are needed and Navionics also needs to connect to the received data.  The AIS receiver Web page makes reference to driver software: "The AIS-MULTI will also output NMEA 0183 data via the USB
connector. You will need to install the drivers on the CD supplied before the unit will operate correctly."   Assuming that the AIS merely puts a serial stream of NMEA 0183 data to the USB, you may not need a driver beyond what Microsoft supplies.   But there are other possibilities!  You may need to help Navionics find the data by specifying a COM port in a data window or menu.  If you can find a big boat that is transmitting AIS, you can test all that.

Good Luck!!   Bob

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