Re: NMEA (was: a few Android apps I use)


Well, that sounds, er, complicateder, 'n complicateder...What i installed is made by Comar Systems and is called an AIS-Multi. The USB port is a square one, with four pins showing. I went from that, with a combo cord to a male-to-male usb connection that allowed for another cord to put the wifi fob on. And, there it sits. Question:

I have an old laptop, running Windows 7, with two usb ports. I use it on Walkabout as my word processor, and to some extent photo reservoir (also has an SD card reader and a disc reader/player.) I also bought a (simple?) gps receiver that has a usb-end on it. What's chances of putting Navionics on the laptop and plug in the usb cord directly, coming from the fandango of cords out of the AIS receiver/antenna splitter...and put the gps receiver in the other hole?

Yeah, what could go wrong with this????

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