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I'll bet that 4-hp. Johnnyrude 2-stroke only weighs 30-35 pounds (I've got one too). A 4-stroke 4-6 weighs around 55. A lot heavier, proportionally, but an extra 20 pounds on Scandal's transom probably won't kill her performance. Moving the gas tank forward might be all that's necessary to get good trim. In between the two is the Tohatsu/Nissan/Mercury 3.5 hp. 4-stroke. Lighter than the 4-6, neutral but no reverse.

David does make good ballast, in any case:

Pat steered from the center thwart when boating solo, using a rope running all around under the sheer. The tiller-looking thingy is to control the lever throttle on the Johnnyrude. Scandal trimmed just about perfect with that setup:

I hope we get to see her in the water again soon. :o)

On 5/1/2022 5:34 PM, Dirt wrote:
Well David I was thinking if I put you up in the front it would, balance things out 🤣
I was looking at the weight of the newer 4hp engines and the my are right there with the Evinrude on there. Even some of the 6hp are pretty close. I will take all of that into consideration
Yep coots up front snuggling maybe I could put a 8hp. On ther 🤣
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