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On 4/29/2022 12:52 PM, Mark N wrote:
So, here are four tide prediction apps that run on Android devices without having to be online.  There is some overlap, obviously, and these are the ones that seem of interest to our group. Other parts of the country are available also.
Tide Now OR
Tide Now WA
Tide Now CR (Columbia River)
Tide Now USA West
And a couple of AIS tracking apps.  I really, really hate advertisements, but these two kept them smaller than a third app I tried.  Both of these, of course, have to be connected to the internet to work. Either wi-fi or data usage seem to work.
Ship Tracker AIS Marine Radar Vessel Tracker_v1.1.7
Vessel Finder seems pretty nice, with pics and tracks among other information for the chosen vessel.  It also shows the name of the vessel on the map as you scroll around.
And last but not least.  I do not, and will never ever, use google maps on any android device. ...
Instead, I use a free, open source app call OSMand and download state maps which work perfectly OFFLINE!  Has hundreds (millions?) of points of interest and it can navigate you to your destination and record your trips in GPX format for future reference.  I even typed in "Four Spirits Distillery" as a test, and seconds later it showed me the location. Just a little too far to go for lunch.  :-)
Hardware?  I have all of the above apps, and many more, running on a non-activated TracFone device.  That is to say, I bought a close out LG brand phone from Fred Meyers for $19 and did NOT activate it as a phone.  GPS, wireless, camera, bluetooth, and all other features work perfectly - I just can't call or text anyone. I refer to it as a mini-tablet.  The screen is larger than the car GPS I used to have. Insert an SDmicro chip in it and you can have 9,000+ of your favorite mp3s to pass away the time on the road.
Hope some of this was of interest to someone.
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