Re: a few Android apps I use


And, from the dark side of, yet a different, moon…Somewhat contrary to John’s guidance, I bought a used AIS receiver/antenna splitter on eBay, and it came from Denmark, I believe it was.  Turns out, the machine came with no directions, and it’s from the NEMA era.  Anyhow.  With the square, 4-pin ‘USB’ terminals, I had to get a batch of conversion connector thingies.  So, now I’ve got an AIS receiver that purportedly will output through a couple different cords (Male/male and female/female connections) to a little Wi-Fi fob thingie on the end of a burgeoning coil of wires.  So far, mebbee…


My hope, and shibboleth perhaps, is that once I get within gamming range of somebody with the proper knowledge base, they can show me how to make the Samsung tablet I got from John/Mary a while back to get it to do the AIS dance on the Navionics screen…T ’would be wunnerful.  At the moment, the whole fandango is installed and has a power light showing green when I fire up the vhf…And, then, the music dies…dan

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