Trade for small boat on Trailer


I may have mentioned this before, but things change.  I have my 6 hp Suzuki, and may want a different boat for that motor.  The electric is so quiet that the gas motor is better used on a small hull where it gets to planing speeds.  I like inflatables, or something better suited to my 6 hp. -- so I won't need a motor.  I have a good size reloading bench with many dies, as one thought.  I also have an assortment of excellent condition firearms and archery or other past hobby items that I am planning to list for sale, so that's quite a bit of other items that are up for sale or trade. 

Figured one last offer for coots, or their relatives that might be interested, or have a good trade thought.  Like motorcycles, scooters or some project I could be interested in playing with.  I would like the gun stuff gone fairly soon, so here's a chance to trade or ??  I keep thinking about this, and it's time to close some stuff out.  Coots have my phone, or better an e mail back privately.

Later,   Cal


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