Re: First Messabout of 2022 Next Saturday -- Beaver Creek

Bob Larkin

Beaver Creek is a great place to go.  It is all flat water with lots of marsh life, birds and interesting things!  The only weather caution is around the put-in area when the winter winds are really high.  Otherwise it has enough shelter to tame down the ocean weather.

As has been noted before, the location of the put-in is not clear from the write-up.  It is the ramp right at Hwy 101. At Ono Beach State Park, you turn East from 101 onto North Beaver Creek Road.  Go a hundred feet or so and then turn South into the parking lot and ramp.  It has ample parking and an easy put-in.

I'm not able to make it this year.  A couple of days before Christmas they installed a pacemaker in me.  I'm 100% now, but not allowed to do things like paddling for a month or so because of the new hardware.  I'll come next year!

Everybody enjoy the outing!


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