Marine outboard motor Carb Silencer for sale


I bought a carburetor silencer for a 2 to 3 hp range Suzuki, Merc., Tohatsu, etc, Looks like if the bolts are spaced right, it would work to even out the air flow.   It is a newer factory model that quiets the intake air without power loss.  My 6 hp  carb is too wide a spacing without modifications in bolt width.  I could have that done, but just easier to let it go to somebody with a motor it fits.  I paid $20. with shipping for it, and can return it now.  If somebody wants to quiet their smaller motor, we can measure between the bolts, check clearance, and it could work.  If it doesn't I would return or resell it.  Might as well find out if a coot could use the air silencer before I do that.

So, if you want to try for a match, speak up before I send it back, these are pretty hard to come by.  Thanks,  ------  Cal 

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