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TOWED to Ilwaco! She should have made her final voyage under her own power, and been greeted on arrival by dignitaries, a band, and lots of fanfare. <sigh>

There aren't any replacements for the 52-footers.

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HI All,

 Just a few weeks ago, the US Coast Guard entered the final stages of decommissioning it's entire fleet of  52 foot motor lifeboats. The Victory, The Intrepid and The Invincible were towed to Ilwaco Washington to be pulled out of the water for the last time and removed from service.

Tom McAdams was moved by this decision and the event that lead up to the Victory being shamed by being towed to Ilwaco, even though both engines work, for decommissioning.  He told me he wanted to publish his thoughts about it.  So I came up with the video described below. It has been viewed over 850 times since it was posted 14 hours ago. I thought you might be interested.

Retired Master Chief Thomas McAdams reflects on his experiences aboard these magnificent boats as expressed in a poem he wrote inspired by their decommissioning.

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